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Chapter 8 SceneC.tif
  • BACK STORY: Tiffany Allen is a pro-gamer teenager blessed with an uncanny lightening quick reaction time in video games, never seen in anyone before. As her abilities evolved, she soon learned that she could do more than just crush the competition, but her lack of control soon catches the attention of an FBI division called GREY. Created to investigate and deal with extraordinary circumstances and persons that may pose a global threat, GREY soon finds themselves faced with a nearly uncontainable teenager wielding powerful abilities. The race is on. Can Tiffany escape the clutches of GREY or will GREY be able to find a way to help her control her power?

  • FACT #1: The Chronicles of GREY is a spinoff from the Masters of Deceit (MOD) series focusing on a newly formed FBI division called GREY. The two main characters segueing from MOD are Agents Keiko Carter and Brooke Ciccole.

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